Regional Advisory Council (RAC) Membership Announced

VITA ISP Staff are delighted to announce that the membership for the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) has been finalized and the following individuals are now members of the RAC:

Region 1 – Allan Weese (P); Charlie Udriet (A)

Region 2 – Joell Kight (P); Nicki Tidey (A)

Region 3 – Melissa Foster (P); Andrea Gaines (A)

Region 4 – Jolena Young (P); Randy Davis (A)

Region 5 – Terry Hall (P); Tony Castillo (A)

Region 6 – John Powers (P); Rodney Thompson (A)

Region 7 – Steve McMurrer (P); Michele Surdam (A)

P = Primary PSAP Representative

A = Alternate PSAP Representative

APCO representative – Carol Adams (Region 7)

NENA representative – Jason Malloy (Region 2)

IT representatives – Kurt Plowman (Region 3) and Jeff Shupe (Region 4)

GIS representatives – Virginia Fowler (Region 5) and Carl Levandoski (Region 6)

The RAC consists of knowledgeable and committed individuals and each will serve a two-year term.  Please join us in congratulating the membership of the RAC.  Additional information on the RAC and an announcement on the first virtual meeting will be provided soon.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:

Dorothy A. Spears-Dean, Ph.D.
Public Safety Communications Coordinator
Service Management and Delivery
Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA)
(804) 416-6201 (voice)
(804) 840-7260 (mobile)
(804) 416-6353 (fax)

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