Regional Advisory Council Elections Announced

The regional elections for the PSAP representatives for the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) have been announced by the Virginia ISP Staff.  The deadline to submit your ballot electronically to your Regional Coordinator is 5pm on Friday, September 18, 2015.  You will be receiving a follow-up email from your ISP Regional Coordinator that contains your ballot.      

The formation of the RAC is in direct response to the PSAP community’s desire for a greater voice, representation, and input into the work plan and program of the E-911 Services Board.  To be successful, the RAC will require qualified and committed regional PSAP representatives.  To this end, PSAP personnel interested in serving on the RAC have submitted their application material, which is available from the ISP website using the following link:  Unfortunately, a few letters of support have not yet posted to the website because of recent technical difficulties, but all of the candidates have fulfilled this requirement.

The RAC Charter identifies the following process for the regional PSAP representative elections:

The regional slates and a ballot form will be available from the ISP website for a period of two weeks in order for PSAPs to cast their vote for their regional representative.  PSAPs must vote in their assigned regions and may vote only once.  PSAPs should submit their ballots electronically to their ISP Regional Coordinator.  Write-in candidates are not permitted.   The individual with the most votes in each region is the PSAP representative.  The individual with the second highest number of votes is the alternate.      

Regional ballot forms will be posted to the ISP website after they have been distributed by the ISP Regional Coordinators.

The PSAP representatives on the RAC will be representing your interests.  As a result, it is critical that there is 100% participation from the PSAP community in the election process.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, or if I can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to Dorothy Spears-Dean (contact info below).

Dorothy A. Spears-Dean, Ph.D.
Public Safety Communications Coordinator
Service Management and Delivery
Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA)
(804) 416-6201 (voice)
(804) 840-7260 (mobile)
(804) 416-6353 (fax)

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