Emergency Communications Manager

Website County of Roanoke Virginia

SALARY:  $55,642.00 – $61,206.00 Annually

JOB CLOSING DATE:  November 8, 2020; 11:59 PM

Performs administrative and supervisory work in overseeing the day to day operations of the Communications Center.  Manages work schedules and ensures that each shift has adequate staffing.  Is familiar with all positions and their responsibilities within the Communications Center.  Provide input for the Communications Center’s yearly budget. Reviews communications records and tapes for complaints as needed. Performs other duties as required.

Plans, organizes and oversees the work of the Communications Center personnel.
Reviews and maintains the work schedules for the Communications Center.
Maintains adequate schedule coverage.
Responsible for the overall order, efficiency and discipline of the ECC personnel.
Supervises and assists in record keeping.
Reviews and relays new procedures to Communications Team Supervisors, Communications Training Coordinator, Communications Accreditation Coordinator, Communications Training Officers and Communications Officers.
Helps develop and implement new policies and procedures for police, fire/rescue and sheriff.
Maintains current knowledge of 9-1-1 related laws and issues.
Advocates for the funding and grants from the 9-1-1 Services Board.
Prepares a variety of reports.
Oversees the Communications Center training activities.
Serves as liaison between administrative staff and Communications personnel.
Relays complaints, suggestions from Communications personnel to the Assistant Director for Communications.
Collects and relays statistical information as required.
Coordinates the activities of the Communications Center to provide service and assistance to other departments.
Investigates complaints involving Communications Center personnel.
Screens and prepares material requested for court subpoenas.
Responds and prepares Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.
Monitors and maintains all communications equipment.
Requests necessary repairs on equipment.
Evaluates the performance of the Communications Team Supervisors, Communications Training Coordinator and Communications Accreditation Coordinator.
Maintains familiarity with the duties of the Communications Team Supervisor, Communications Training Coordinator and Communications Accreditation Coordinator Communications Training Officers and Communications Officers.
Participates in the recruitment and selection of qualified applicants for Communications Officer.
Develops and maintains a working relationship with not only internal but external customers.
Foster a professional relationship with 9-1-1 mission related organizations, i.e. Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and National Emergency Number Association (NENA).
Achieve CALEA accreditation and assists with establishing the processes and procedures to maintain this certification.

Required: High School diploma or equivalent.
Preferred: Associates degree from accredited college.

Required: Five (5) or more years supervisory experience.
Preferred: Above plus two (2) or more years of management experience and familiarity with Computer Aided Dispatch systems, Incident Based Reporting and Enhanced 911.

 Certifications/ Licenses:
Required: Possession or ability to obtain Virginia Criminal Information Network (VCIN). Basic Dispatch – Department of Criminal Justice Service (DCJS)

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Thorough knowledge of the methods, techniques and procedures used in operating the communications system, radio, and teletype
Thorough knowledge of the geography of Roanoke County
Thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations governing radio operations
General knowledge of computers and peripherals
General knowledge and understanding of budgeting.
Excellent communication skills, written and oral
Ability to supervise the dispatching of equipment and personnel
Ability to monitor several different radios and channels simultaneously
Ability to deal effectively with hostile and/or discourteous persons
Ability to use active listening skills and extract pertinent information from a caller or other information source during emergencies
Ability to talk on the radio and phone at the same time in addition to performing computer functions (multi-tasking)
Ability to use good judgment and to react quickly in emergency situations

Additional Requirements:
Subject to a complete criminal history background search with acceptable results. Must also be able to perform the job as described in the Physical and Environmental Demands section of this job description. Must comply with policies and procedures of the Roanoke County ECC applicable to the position.

 Supervisory Requirements:
Supervises all Emergency Communications Center personnel


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